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We welcome you to the world of game fish charters, your new home page for New Zealand fishing. The sea is one of the most mysterious and marvelous places, and this is especially true for our New Zealand. offers you the most reliable content all things related to fishing.

Our content writers are here to ensure that you get the best experience possible to chase the majestic beasts of the sea. It is no wonder that we have some of the most renowned recreational anglers in the whole world. In New Zealand, we have not only the best equipment and talented fishermen, but we also have the best terrain for gamefish. You can find the majestic: Striped Marlin, Blue Marlin, Yellowtail Kingfish, Kahawai, Mako Sharks, Trevally, and so much more. In fact, New Zealand has some of the most amazing fish you can find in the world because of the water climate diversity. 

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Our professional team of experienced and seasonal fishing experts have created articles on this website to help you catch the fish of the century. We help you gather the right team, find the best locations, and we even guide you towards the best spots. 

If you read even some of the content on our website, you can rest assured that you will increase the chances of hunting that Kraken you’ve always wanted. 

We are an experienced team of locals who have been to some of the most amazing waters in the world. We have caught some of the biggest prizes that we are happy to show off, but we all love to help people get that experience themselves. Since we are New Zealand based, we know a lot of the terrain and we have a lot of contacts all over the country to help you find the best places to go. This is why readers from all over the world trust us to help them find their own fishing adventure.

We are passionate about game fishing and we’ve done it successfully for years. Let us help you get the thrill we experience daily and join us in

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We are a large team of New Zealand locals.

We are a large team of New Zealand locals. We had a huge passion for the sea and especially catching rare game fish. We got together with charter providers and the rest is history. We provide the best content on the internet about game fish charters in New Zealand.

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The fishing topics we cover are broad, however they are all there to help you catch that big game fish in New Zealand. 

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We have a large selection of writers who can help you with your journey through their own tips and tricks. They are seasonal and experienced locals who have been in the roughest seas, but they’ve also caught some of the rarest fish. You can put your trust in them because they will give you information to help you on your next fishing adventure.

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