How to Use Fishing Lures – How to Choose a Fishing Lure

Fly fishing may be called angling, but it’s really a form of fishing in which fishermen fish with artificial flies that look like insects and other aquatic creatures. It’s the fastest growing fishing sport worldwide, and many countries, including the United States, are seriously considering giving it the status of a sport.

Artificial flies can be made from a variety of materials, including string, ribbon, yarn, fur and even plastic. They can also be weighted or translucent, making them easier to see in low light or darkness. Some flies, such as caddis flies, can be retrieved several times during a fishing trip, but most flies are reeled in just once. These reels usually have a separate fly line and leader, which may be braided or made from rubberized nylon thread.

One of the biggest challenges in fly fishing is getting the perfect model of artificial fly to match the targeted species of insects in the water. This is accomplished by finding the correct siz